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Search, browse & Discover

We've developed intelligent solution that helps you with discovering new movies which you might like. Or just be informed about new releases in world of the movies.

Everyone knows that feeling when you want to watch something but don't know what. It's gone now! MooVee offers you solution to discover movies depending on your own taste. If you want just browse some hot-trend movies filtered by category, you can do it. Your friend recommended you something great to watch? Search it in MooVee and add it to your watchlist.

  • Kick-ass UI
  • New experience of discovering the great movies
  • Huge database of movies
  • Localized into 15 languages

Don’t judge the movie by the cover!

Sometimes greatest things are those we don’t see at the first sight! We should not judge books by their cover - do the same thing with movies!

Do you know what these movies has in common - The King’s Speech, X-men:: First Class, Slumdog Millionare? Their posters are UGLY, but on the other hand, those movies are great! Right?! So if you want to lookup for movie just by short quote or tagline, try this MooVee feature called - Surprise.

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Manage your movie list

MooVee is here to organize movies you have found or watched & liked. Start developing your movie diary by this simple way.

Add movies you have watched and liked to favorites and MooVee will find next movies to watch based on the previously favorited movies. Did you heard about new movie during your chat with your friend? Find it in MooVee, add it to watchlist and enjoy it when you arrive home. Are you waiting for new Harry Potter 8 movie? - that - probably - won't ever happen, but you can track and be notified about other movies releases in the future.

hmmm, why not to watch it?

Yes, with MooVee you can also watch the movies you are interested in.

We’ve made MooVee compatible with iTunes, so what you find in our app you can also purchase and watch. Simple, right?

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